Shooting Sports Weekend 2011

The purpose of this post is to give all interested parties a heads-up with respect to our upcoming Shooting Sports Weekend, so units that plan on attending this event can get a jump start on the planning process. More detailed information will follow at a later date.

As in prior years our weekend will be held on the weekend before Mother’s Day Weekend. This year that happens to fall on the weekend after Easter. (April 29, 30, May 1). Units therefore may wish to take advantage of any school closings and arrive in camp Thursday night rather than Friday night. While not currently planned, it’s possible that we may be able to offer “Troop Shoots” on Friday. And I know of at least one unit that is planning on going down the Delaware on Friday.

While our registration fee is not “etched-in-stone” yet units should use $15.00 a head as a “planning” figure. Whether we can make it happen or not for $15.00 is dependent on what we get in in the way of contributions.

This registration fee includes all council fees (apart from lodging / camping and lodging / camping related fees); coins; patches; trophies; NRA tee shirts and pins; ice cream and soda on Saturday night (Note: we won’t be having a BBQ this year); ammo; clays and a SSW tee shirt (Note: like the red one we had last year but a different color). Note: if finances becomes an issue we may have to break the SSW tee shirt out and bill as a separate item.

As in the past, all lodging / camp sites should be arranged through the council office, GNYC online short-term camping reservations.

Several issues have come up in the past which we need to address, and now is as good a time as any:

1. Handguns are not allowed on the Ten Mile River Scout Reservation. The only exception to this are handguns that are in the possession of active or retired law enforcement officers, and even then must be secured in a vehicle while on the reservation.

2. All campers must be registered scouts / scouters, or the parent(s) of registered scouts.

3. All participants on the various ranges, with the exception of the BB gun and archery ranges, must be at least 12 years of age.

Now that the holidays are behind us it’s time to start getting ready for Summer Camp. However, before Summer Camp gets here we have several other events on our Shooting Sports Calendar, namely our Firearms Instructor Training Class in April and our Shooting Sports Weekend in May (April 29-May1).

With respect to our Shooting Sports Weekend, the registration form with attached blank unit roster is finalized and will be emailed out next week. The registration fee this year is $15.00 a head. The registration form and completed roster, and check for fees, need to be mailed back to Tom by March 1, 2011. I also need a copy of your rosters either mailed or emailed to me, also by March 1, 2011, so I can prepare range schedules and get them back to you by the first week of April.

At this point we expect to see 308 scouts and 99 adults in camp. I don’t expect to see these numbers go up much, if at all. We’re planning on having 12 ranges in operation on the weekend which means we should be able to have just over half of our scouts on a range at any given time. At any given time about half of our scouts will be looking for something to do. Unit leaders need to plan for this when planning for the weekend. 

While every SSW probably won’t have a theme we do have one for this year which is…”The 220th Anniversary of the Second Amendment to the Constitution,” (December 15, 1791). Unit leaders are asked to try and work this theme into their unit programs, maybe dove-tail it into “Citizenship in the Country.” Background information on the Second Amendment can be found on several web sites.

In closing I would appreciate it if interested units could get back to Tom ( and me ( with (1) an “estimate” of the number of scouts and scouters that you plan on bringing to camp; (2) the name and email address of your unit “point of contact” for this event and (3) the names of all certified instructors in your unit who plan on attending.

If you have any questions please get back to us.

Best wishes,


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