Do you have recommendations for camping and hiking Equipment? Submit them here to share with other Scouts and Scouters.

One response to “Equipment

  1. A better water bottle
    The Platypus Platy Bottle is a portable fluid container that’s perfect for backpacking or travel. Platypus shaped the Platy Bottle to fit comfortably in your hand making it easy to drink on the go. The Platy Bottle is significantly lighter in weight than conventional hard plastic bottles, making it an ideal choice for backpacking. You Philmont bound campers should really take advantage of this. Consider a 1 liter water bottle that weighs 80% less than hard hydration bottles. Couple that with the Platypus Taste-Free Drink Tube and you have a a hands-free hydration system.

    Bottles have an all-natural, silver-ion based anti-microbial called SlimeGuard, to help keep water taste-free films gunk-free. Together with a more ergonomic shape and a handy carry loop, you just won’t find a better bottle on earth.

    * Durable: made from a film which is softer then previous Platypus bladders and more flexible, yet provides added durability for daily use.
    * Free Standing
    * Easy Carrying: Tapered mid-section with new grab and hang loop makes drinking easy.
    * Anti-Microbial Treatment: All-natural SlimeGuard antimicrobrial keeps your water fresh and taste-free.
    * Collapsible: 80% lighter and more compact than an empty hard bottle of equal volume. 1.3 oz / 38 g
    * Versatile: Allows you to attach different lids—even hydration tubes and accessories like water filtration units.

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