Ushers and Color Guard for Emblems Sunday at St. Patrick’ Cathedral

Assistance requested from the Archdiocese Catholic Committee on Scouting

At the January 25th meeting of the Catholic Committee of Scouting (Archdiocese of New York), the Greater New York Councils was asked to arrange for Scouts to participate as Ushers and Color Guard at Emblems Sunday at St. Patrick’ Cathedral, April 10, 2011, Arrival 1pm

We have been asked to provide “Boy Scouts in Full Uniform” who are not receiving awards at the Cathedral.

  • 1 Color Guard Member:  Meet at “International Building” across street from Cathedral
  • 6 Ushers:  Meet Behind Alter

Please let me know if you are able to help in identifying Boy Scouts to participate.

Thank you for your help,
Best regards,

Bill Kelly  |  Field Director

Greater New York Councils
350 Fifth Ave, #430
New York, NY 10118
P 212.651.2802  |  F 212.242.6218


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