Youth Speaker Seminar


Youth Speaker Seminar!

This year, our annual Speak-Out for Scouting/Youth Speaker Program Event is scheduled for:

Date: Friday, February 25, 2011(during Midwinter Recess)
Time: 9am – 12 noon
Where: Boy Scouts of America Office, 4th Floor, Suite 430 in the Empire State Building

Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Explorers and Venturers attending the event will learn useful public speaking techniques and tips on speech-writing, etiquette, and information for participating in the Scout Honor Guard at events. In addition, participants will bring a pre-prepared write-up about Scouting and read aloud to the group, receiving constructive, positive feedback from leaders.

Some Scouts who attend the event may be selected to speak at a GNYC special event later in the year.  Attending the seminar does not guarantee being asked to be a featured public speaker.  We choose Scouts based on many different factors including age, public speaking ability, Scouting experiences, camping participation, borough, specific program (example: Exploring), specific experiences, etc.  All Scouts will have an opportunity to participate in a Scout Honor Guard if they would like.

Program requirements:

Every Scout attending the seminar must come prepared with a 1-3 written paragraphs containing the following:

-introducing himself, naming troop/pack/crew/post, its sponsoring institution, borough, age, and years in Scouting.

-description of some of his favorite Scouting activities and experiences, including camp-outs, field trips, summer camp, community service projects, a special merit badge, friendships, etc.

All Scouts must come wearing their full Scout uniform. They will have a photo taken.

Parents must let us know if the child is permitted to leave on his own or who is picking them up.

All those interested in taking advantage of the 2011 Youth Speaking Seminar must also register for the day by returning the Youth Speaker Registration form.  Before the event, we will send out all the details for the day and confirm your attendance.  For more information, contact Shaun Caruana at (212) 651-2944 or

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