2011 Scouts in Parks Day

Just a note to remind you of the NEXT installment on “Scouts In Parks Day”.  Hosted by the GNYC Conservation Committee and held at work sites throughout the 5 boros (with potential for projects in camp if units happen to be camping  on the date.) in cooperation with City State and Federal Parks.

On April 16th, 2011 we will be holding the next Scouts in parks Day, Targeting approx. 25 work locations around the city.  working from 9am to 3 pm.  SITE CAPTAINS (SITE COORDINATORS ) ARE NEEDED TO HELP RUN THIS EVENT IN THE INDIVIDUAL LOCATIONS.
Please advise your district volunteer staff’s, get the word out at roundtables and whatever email notification systems you have, as we need units to start signing up now so that as we begin finalizing the project sites we can place units in best possible locations.
Any questions, please reply to me at this email or at shawn.spencer@parks.nyc.gov   or phone 212-788-8079  or 646-643-9552
Shawn Spencer
GNYC Outdoor Ethics Advocate & Chair Conservation Comm.

2011 Scouts in the Parks Day


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