BSA Tour Permit Change – Update 14 March 2011


Effective March 1, 2011, the new tour plan went into effect. Please go to
the link below to find the new tour plan form and have your FAQs answered–

You can then hit the pdf off of that link to find the form.
The old Local Tour Permit and National Tour Permit are no longer in effect.

You must use the new form if you are planning a trip outside the 5 boroughs of New York City or

To a camp other than one of Greater NY Councils (Pouch, Alpine, TMR).

 All Tour Plans are to be sent to GNYC for approval. Please allow two weeks for the processing.

Return to
Di Singh, Field Service secretary. 212- 651- 2852 for info.

From GNYC:

Starting March 1st the old Local Tour Permit and National Tour Permit applications will not exist any longer.

Please destroy them and use only the new permit attached.

National will be deactivating the on line tour permit application until they are ready to place the new form on line.

You will need to email, fax 212-242-6218 or mail the completed form to the office.

You should send both attachments: Tour Planning Worksheet and Tour Plan (both are part of the tour plan document – Tour Planner – 680-014 – fillable).

Di will stamp the tour plan and return it to you.

The tour planning worksheet will be kept in the office.

Parent Activity Consent Form

For more details, see the original post.


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