GNYC Short Term Reservation System

Several volunteers have indicated that the online reservation system for GNYC camps was operating with errors. In specific at the time to book cabins for Camp Pouch.

As I promised, we took a look at the reservation system and found not problems with the system itself, however we have identify a condition that can lead to the impression that there is no cabins available in a camp on a particular weekend.

Our policy state that cabins or other building in camp cannot be book for less than two nights on weekends (Friday and Saturday). Once you have login in to the reservation system and you select your date of choice on a weekend you must also choose two (2) nights or the system will indicate that there is not cabins available to you.

It is not that there are no cabins available, but that there are not cabins available for one-night reservation. Please keep this on mind when making inquiries online for the weekend reservation.

To avoid this, the reservation page now indicates this in big red letters as you try to make a reservation.

Feel free to contact me if you find any other issues with the system.

Please share this note with other volunteers as needed. Thank you!


Julio Garcia  |  Assistant Director of Camping Services

Greater New York Councils

350 Fifth Avenue  |  Suite 430
New York, New York 10118
P 212.651.2877  |  F 201.784.1663

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