Individual Training Records Updating

At the last council training committee meeting it was approved to update all scouters training records in ScoutNET.

For the next two months we ask that you fill out the Training Record form attached and return it to

In the subject line please begin with the word TRAINING and then your name.

This will make it easier to separate the returned forms from normal everyday correspondence.

This email address was set up so your returns will come directly to the training department at the council office and it can short cut the process of getting the information to us.

We ask that you distribute this information to all your scout leaders in your troop and/or district.

Remember a scout is trustworthy, when filling out the form.

In return we will send you a “person Profile” which will show all the registration and training info you have with ScoutNET.

After June 1st any corrections will have to be accompanied with the proper documentation.

Thanks for your cooperation and if you have any questions first try your district training chairman.

Greater NY Councils Training Committee

Joe Bradley |   Program Director
Greater New York Council
350 Fifth Ave
New York, NY 10118
P 212.651.2902

Trained Leader
Training Record
Training Course Codes 2010


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