Duke of Edinburgh Program

What is a Duke of Edinburgh program?

This program is a real adventure from beginning to end. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from. You just need to be aged between 14 and 24 and realize there’s more to life than sitting on a sofa watching life pass you by.

You can do programs at three levels, Bronze, Silver or Gold, which lead to a Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

You achieve an Award by completing a personal program of activities in four sections (five if you’re going for Gold).

You’ll find yourself helping people or the community, getting fitter, developing skills, going on an expedition and taking part in a residential activity (Gold only).

But here’s the best bit – you get to choose what you do!

Your program can be full of activities and projects that get you buzzing. And along the way you’ll pick up experiences, friends and talents that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

There is no cost to participate. You can do it alone or with friends. Make it a venturing quest. You can do it as part of a service project or just for the challenge. It is up to you.

Click this link for more information http://www.dofe.org/en/content/cms/Doing_your_DofE/What_is_a_DofE_prog/What_is_a_DofE_prog.aspx

 Questions? Contact our coordinator Pat Bain, International Representative at patricia.bain@gmail.com

Greater NY Councils is sponsoring this project for the Boy Scouts of America. The first 10 scouts who sign up to participate will have a chance to meet with HRH the Prince Phillip when he arrives in June from England.


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