Internet Advancement

Electronic advancement is something that needs to be adopted by every scout unit (Packs and Troops) on Staten Island by June 30. Every unit needs to log into Scout Net and establish their access. The System is simple to use, all that is necessary is computer access to the internet. There is a brief training course that can be sent to any unit who requires more help. To get your units access code email Tom Zablocki at

Once you have your unit access code you can follow the instructions in the attached file to access scout net and begin using the system. When you use the system for the first time you will see what advancement records are already there for your unit. Review them and then update any missing information. When completed print the forms in scout net and process them at the scout shop as you always did.

Troop Master users can generate a file that can be uploaded to scout net when you do you advancement. Remember to hand in the scout net form at the scout shop. For addition information, questions or to get help contact Tom Zablocki at

In Addition

Internet Advancement, the online service for units submitting youth member advancement, has been enhanced with some important new features:

  • The Youth Protection Training (YPT) completed date, if any, is now displayed for each person on the Unit Roster report.
  • Users may now view previous advancement reports online.
  • Academic and sports belt loops for Cub Scout packs are now trackable online.
  • Cub Scout packs may enter completion of the Tiger Cub rank for members who earned the award but did not have it in their records.

Please encourage unit volunteers to check out these enhancements and to use Internet Advancement.”

Thank you for being ahead of the curve on internet advancement.


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