Service Project (Possible) – Clove Lakes Park

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hello Coaches, athletes and friends of Cross Country on Staten Island,

I am sending this note to you to stress the extremely hazardous conditions of the cross country trails at Clove Lakes Park. I would go as far as saying until they are improved extreme caution should be used or perhaps avoidance of trails until repairs can be done.

This note is being sent at least to those associated with the SIHSTFA, SICYOXC, SITRAC, SIAC and Richmond Rockets, please spread the word to anyone.

I have spoken with Frank C. (my apologies for not remembering his last name) of the Department of Parks (District 1); he has voiced his support and concern. We need to join forces to accomplish this task. I am asking all those available who use or have used the trails to meet on Thursday, August 25, 2011 at 9:00 am to be ready to do manual labor with members of the parks department and a community group from Wagner College. We assume to break at 1:00.

Here are some of the problems with the course:

  1. vegetation growing across the trails, head and ankle level
  2. the rain has caused long, wide and deep crevasses throughout the course
  3. on the high school dirt hill there is practically only graveled rocks
  4. trees have fallen across the course and along the course
  5. dirt along side the asphalt paths has been washed away again leaving deep crevasses
  6. areas of mud

I know that several of you are at work at the time we are meeting; we can arrange other dates and times later. (First expected XC meet is September 10). There is much work to do.

As a suggestion perhaps those associated with the SICYOXC can meet at Royal Oak and Potter near Rice (Arielle Newman Run) to work on the trail that parallels Royal Oak. Those associated with the high school teams can report to the steep dirt hill (top or bottom) and all others can start at the Martlings Avenue part of the course.

Things needed:

  1. gloves
  2. strong rakes
  3. shovels
  4. BUG REPELANT (I can’t stress this enough)
  5. some wagons or wheel barrows
  6. high socks
  7. shears and branch clippers
  8. water

On behalf of the cross country runners I thank you for this necessary work.

Jim Hughes

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