Volunteer at Pouch Camp – 24 September 2011

Please note the following updates for this event:

From Richard Ricco, District Commissioner:

While this is a worthwhile conservation project, it will qualify as advancement-related credit for all Scouts.

Leaders should be advised to check:

Cub Scouts can complete Wolf Badge requirement #7 (“your living world”); Bear Badge requirements 5c & d (“sharing your world with wildlife”), 6g (“take care of your planet”). Alex Zablocki, event organizer says, “Cubs should attend and they will be guided throughout the morning on what to do and why the project is being done”.

Boy Scouts can complete 2nd class requirement #5 (“Participate in an approved, minimum of one hour, service project”), or credit toward 1st class requirements 3 & 6. Also camping merit badge requirement 9c (“Perform a conservation project approved by the landowner or land managing agency”).

Volunteer at Pouch Camp
Saturday, September 24th RAIN OR SHINE

8AM Check in
9AM Train work and debris removal
12PM break and drawing

Serve and conserve – come help out and support the camp

http://www.outdoorchannel.com/corps for more info


From Kathy Vorwick, COmmitte to Save Pouch Camp:
Outdoor Channel – Pouch Camp – 09-24-2011

From Alex Zablocki, COmmitte to Save Pouch Camp:

Original Message:
Dominick Durso (of the Committee to Save Pouch Camp, at the Committee’s last meeting) discussed the Outdoor Channel/Time Warner Cable event, which will take place at Pouch on Saturday, September 24th, between 9:00 AM and Noon. Invasive species within the core of the camp will be removed. VOLUNTEERS NEEDED. Please contact Dominick Durso at durso@almargraphics.com. This event will be in conjunction with National Public Lands Day and will be broadcast nationwide.


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