Archery Range Training at Pouch Camp

Hi All,

It’s that time of Year to add some training dates to your Calendars.

Archery Range Officer Training at Pouch. (Tell a responsible friend)

This would allow you to open and run the range, but there’s
an expectation that you’d do so for more than just your unit.

Sun. 9/ 25 /11 9:45am.
Sun. 10/ 16 /11 8:45am.

RSVP for training at 718) 351 1905 Pouch or online

To take class you need:
Current Reg. Scouter
Current Youth Protection card
(next class Nov. 16 @ pouch or online at
Bring Your Calendars.

(I need dates for when you can open the range between Sep. to Dec & Mar to Jun)

Expect to be there 3:30 hrs.

Arrive on time, No rain date.

15 max. so call, write or stop by Pouch.

Yours In Scouting,
James Collins

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