Hurricane Relief

While most of NYC was unscathed by Hurricane Irene, the storm made a huge impact upstate in the Empire State. We are asked once again to join together to help aid our fellow New Yorkers. Pouch Camp has been asked to be one of the pick-up and drop-off locations to help those upstate who lost everything they own. They are looking for almost any item you can think of, clothing, food,  formula, non-perishable foods, books , magazines). Almost all the families affected were left with nothing. They will begin pick-up weekly for the first couple of months and then as needed thereafter. We will be collecting items until February. Once again, everyone’s help is greatly appreciated in this matter. As Scouts, we are reminded to do a good turn daily.

List of items to be collected: Formula; diapers; non-perishable foods; clothing(especially winter clothing); any other items you can think of.

William H. Pouch Scout Camp
1465 Manor Rd.
Staten Island, NY 10314

Phone: (718) 351-1905
Fax: (718) 351-7195



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