Updated Pinewood Derby Rules



Bottom Clearance:     – The Pinewood car shall have a minimum of 3/8-inch clearance from the bottom of the car to the underside of the wheels.

Width: – The overall width of the car (wheel end to wheel end) shall not exceed 2 and ¾ inches.

Length:  – The overall length of the car shall not exceed 7 inches.

Weight: – The overall weight of the car shall not exceed 5.0 ounces.  In addition no loose materials shall be allowed on the carAll weight MUST be securely fastened or imbedded in the car.

CAR Construction:  The pinewood racer must be made from the parts supplied in the 2011 –2012 OFFICAL GRAND PRIX PINEWOOD DERBY KIT.  In the event that parts are broken or lost replacements may be obtained at the scout shop.

The Wheels and Axles supplied with the kit MUST be used. NO SUBSTITUTIONS! If any are lost or broken in construction, Official Pinewood Derby replacement parts may be purchased at the scout shop.

– Wheel treatment:  Wheel shape may not be altered from original kit wheels.  Hub and tread smoothing and polishing may NOT result in substantial removal of mass or in reducing the track contact width from the original kit wheels.  The words “Official B.S.A. Made in the USA.” and other lettering on the wheels shall remain intact and clearly visible.

The Axle slots provided with the wood blank MUST be used.

NO Motors, Washers, bushings, bearings, or spacers are allowed.

NO solid axles of any kind may be used.

The car is not permitted to ride on any type of suspension.

Details:                        – Details such as steering wheels, driver, painting, and exterior and interior detailing and decals are permitted as long as these items do not exceed the maximum length, width and weight specifications.

Inspection:                  – Each car must pass inspection by the official PWD inspection team before it may compete.  The inspectors reserve the right to disqualify any cars which do not meet the above indicated specifications and rules.

Attendance:                The car’s owner (Cub Scout) Must be in attendance for the car  to race.  No substitute drivers allowed.

Pinewood Rules 2011


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