What Makes a Trained Leader?

Every youth deserves a trained leader.

Adult leaders in units are considered trained, and eligible to wear the official Trained emblem, once they have completed the basic training requirements.

Note: Youth Protection (EL) is a joining requirement for all leaders and must be taken every two years

What Makes a Trained Leader Matrix

Need Help?

Contact the National Council – Boy Scouts of America Program Impact – Volunteer Training Team
Mark Griffin: mark.griffin@scouting.org, 972-580-2211
Ron Timmons: ronald.timmons@scouting.org, 972-580-2459
Peter Self: peter.self@scouting.org, 972-580-2417
Sara Parker-Lacobee: sara.lacobee@scouting.org, 972-580-2588
Oscar Santoyo: oscar.santoyo@scouting.org, 972-580-2488
Judy Maldonado: judy.maldonado@scouting.org, 972-580-2449

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