Chief Scout Executive Selection Progress

The [BSA National Council (Ed.)] Chief Scout Executive Selection Committee appointed at the February 2012 board meeting met, developed a profile of skills and characteristics we are seeking in our next Chief, and reviewed biographies of candidates.

Please be advised that the following executives have been selected as semifinalists for the position of Chief Scout Executive. They are (in alphabetical order):

John Andrews, Scout Executive, Northern Star Council

Wayne Brock , Deputy Chief Scout Executive/COO

Gary Butler, Assistant Chief Scout Executive, Council Operations

Ethan Draddy, Scout Executive, Baltimore Area Council

Brad Farmer, Assistant Chief Scout Executive, Development

Tom Fitzgibbon, Regional Director, Western Region

Al Lambert, Regional Director, Central Region

Ron Oats, Scout Executive, Central Florida Council

Robert A. “Alf” Tuggle, Assistant Chief Scout Executive/CFO

Semifinalists will record video responses to a set of questions developed by the Selection Committee. From those remarks, finalists will be selected when the committee meets again on May 8th. A memo announcing the names of the finalists will be distributed following that meeting.

In-person interviews with the finalists are set for Monday May 21, 2012. Announcement of the new Chief Scout Executive will be communicated that day. Chief Scout Executive Bob Mazzuca concludes an exceptional career with his retirement on August 31st. The new Chief takes office September 1, 2012.


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