Scout Day – New York Mets 2012

After having a few discussions with the New York Mets, we have officially finalized a Scout Day at Citi Field.  The Game is on Saturday June 2nd against the Cardinals at 1pm.  The Mets are finalizing an online ticket sale and flyer but for the time being you can contact Mike Renzulli (info below) and purchase the tickets through him.  The price is around $32 per ticket. Just say you are with the Boy Scouts so he can keep track.

Every boy who comes in uniform to the game will be able to walk in the outfield after the game.  We are also working on getting a PSA together to show on the BIG SCREEN at the game, recognition from the Mets at the game and a patch.  Our goal is to get at least 500 people in attendance.  I would ask that you send out to your District Email blasts and once I have a flyer for the game and information with the online ticket sales I will send a follow up email.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me or Mike Renzulli with the Mets.  Thanks for your support!!

Mike Renzulli –, 718-559-3043


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