New York Mets Scout Day – 2012 Update

Hello Everyone,

I just spoke with the Mets today and there has not been too many tickets sold for the game.  Remember those who attend in uniform can walk on the warning track during the National Anthem, however the Mets have said that if we don’t get close to 200+ tickets soon, they may deny this perk for us.  I urge you to send the attached flyer to your email list, pack/troop meetings, and round tables.  The flyer is attached with 2 sets of ticket prices.   This does not have to be sent to only Scout people.  You can tell friends and family as well.

–          Every person that attends gets a ‘Scout Day’ Patch.
–          A percentage of ticket sales goes to the Scouting Program
–          Warning track assembly for all Scouts and Scouters in uniform during the national anthem. (need 200+ sold)
–          Scout Troop/Pack to be color guard for national anthem

This can truly be a great day for Scouting in the 5 boroughs and Long Island, we just need to be more pro-active and not wait until the last minute.  If you have any questions, let me know or you can contact Mike on the flyer.  Thank you all for your support in this matter.

Jason E. Tewes
District Director – Borough of Queens
Boy Scouts of America
Greater New York Councils

350 Fifth Ave, Suite #7820
New York, NY 10118-0350
212-651-2816 – Office
212-242-6218 – FAX
516-509-1038 – Cell

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