Troop Membership Chair

Hello Scoutmasters!

I know quite a few of you but for those I’ve not yet had the pleasure of meeting, my name is Matt Gaor and I’m the District Membership Chair for Aquehonga District.  My role within the District is to work with your Troop leadership team to help retain the Scouts you currently have and to help guide you with recruiting new Scouts.  Quite a big job when you consider that we currently have 32 Packs, 30 Troops and 8 Venturing crews for a total of 2,363 Scouts on the island!

One of the many concepts that we share with our Scouts is one of being a part of a team, and how a well run team can accomplish tasks well beyond that of an individual.  That’s the basis for how we run our Scouting program; Scoutmasters, Asst Scoutmasters, Scout Patrols, various Committee members and parents come together to create the magic of Scouting.

Your Troop Committee, the team responsible for the business of Scouting, probably has the standard recommended roles such as Committee Chairperson, Treasurer, Advancement Chair, Activities Chair and so on, but do you have a Troop Committee Membership Chair? Given the critical nature of the Membership role, and with fierce competition rivaling for our youth’s attention, it’s to your advantage to have a Troop Membership Chair who can work with you and I to keep our boys involved with Scouting and to help your Pack grow.

Please take a moment to review the attached document outlining the basic responsibilities of the Membership role.  I know it’s tough to get people to pitch in and help, but I’d like for you to pick a person who you think can do this role effectively and approach them with this opportunity to get involved.  Ideally, this role shouldn’t share responsibilities with another.

We’re all constantly shifting our very limited time between work, friends, family and all the rest.  If you’re like me, Scouting is more than just another task which needs to be done, it’s one of those things that gets under your skin and it becomes a way of life.  Building and working with a great team makes the Scouting experience even more enjoyable.  Do yourself a favor and let’s work together to get your Membership Chair involved sooner than later, and this is the perfect time to get the right person involved as we begin to spin up September’s Scouting season.

I appreciate your time and all that you do for Scouting.  Will you please send me the name and contact info for your Membership Chair as soon as you can?

By the way, if you’re not the right person for this message, will you please let me know who is, and pass this along?

See you at the next Roundtable!

Yours in Scouting,

Matt Gaor
District Membership Chair
Cubmaster – Pack 6
Asst Scoutmaster – Troop 6
Staten Island NYC

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