GNYC Bronx Zoo Scouting Celebration!

Scout Leaders,

GNYC is excited to announce the first ever Scouting Celebration at the Bronx Zoo! This year, September 22, 2012, the Bronx Zoo has become a wonderful partner for the Scouting Program, and we’re celebrating the relationship with this amazing event. This event is open to everyone in our Program, from Cubs to Boy Scouts and Venturers too!

Our Scouts will receive the following that day:

  • Exclusive, behind-the-scenes tours of select Zoo exhibits
  • A Bronx Zoo Scavenger Hunt, designed specifically for our Scouts
  • Total Experience Access, granting full access to all exhibits, attractions and rides for the entire day
  • A voucher for lunch, valid at all Bronx Zoo Cafes

To RSVP for the Bronx Zoo Scouting Celebration, please contact the Zoo at (800) 433-4149 and let them know you’re signing up for the “Bronx Zoo Scouting Celebration.”

BSA Bronx Zoo Celebration

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