Pouch Camp Preservation – Service Project

Service Project

Saturday, September 22, 2012; 9:00 AM to 12:00 noon                              Where:  The William H. Pouch Scout Camp.

The Outdoor Channel/Time Warner Cable has selected Pouch Camp as its
focus, for the third consecutive year, in recognition of  National
Public Land’s Day.
    This channel is viewed nationwide and increases
and enhances our exposure in a very positive way.

This is a great honor and will again direct the public’s attention to
scouting programs; the commitment of our youth;  the value of Pouch as
open space, and citizen involvement toward its preservation.

We need to show that we are committed, as we move forward with our goal of preservation of our beloved camp.

please RSVP to Alex Zablocki at alex.zablocki@gmail.com or Kathy Vorwick at vorwickk@aol.com

Grassroots fundraising – as fall will soon be upon us and our member organizations will be back to their regular meeting schedules, if you would be willing to have a speaker come and give an update to your group, as well as talk a little about funding for Phases II and III, please let us know at the above email addresses.

Together, we will accomplish our goal of preserving the camp for future generations, while insuring that scouting continues on Staten Island and serves the larger metropolitan area.

Your support is crucial!

Kathy Vorwick
for the Committee

OC Corps -Pouch Camp 2012 Flier

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