GPS Training 2012 and 2013 ; Archery & BB Master Training 2012 & 2013

We are looking for volunteers to help us run the following training sessions. The first one is GPS training in a couple of weeks (Sept. 15).

Besides this fall’s BB & Archery Training at Alpine on Saturday, October 6th. 2012

We are also looking at the following dates for 2013.

April 13, 2013 – Archery & BB
April 20, 2013 – GPS
September 14, 2013 – GPS
October 5, 2013 – Archery & BB

Any volunteers? The dates are also open to discussion.

If you know of someone that can help with these courses, please feel free to share their names with me.

Julio Garcia  |  Assistant Director of Camping Services

Greater New York Councils

350 Fifth Avenue  |  Suite 430
New York, New York 10118
P 212.651.2877  |  F 201.784.1663


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