Basic Camping Skills Workshop – 5 January 2013

At the GNYC Training Extravaganza on January 5th 2013, Eastern Mountain Sports (EMS) will be holding a Basic Camping Skills Workshop.

Camping experts from E.M.S. will demonstrate the basics of Camping and cover the following topics of interest to all camping Units:

  • Different equipment needed for different seasons.
  • Tentage – 3-season tents.
  • Backpacks – Internal & external frame types.
  • Sleeping – Different types of bags and pads.
  • Lighting – Different types.
  • Cooking – Including water filtration, camp stoves & clean up.
  • Basic Camp Sanitation.
  • First Aid Kits – Including sunscreen and insect repellents.
  • Importance of Map and Compass use.
  • Comfort Items.
  • Clothing for the season.
  • Footgear and rain gear.
  • How to select a tent site.
  • Leave-No-Trace common principles.

See the attached flyer for details and on how to sign up.

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