Important Sandy Recovery Information

Important Information about Disaster Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (D-SNAP)

The USDA has approved New York State’s proposal on a Disaster Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (D-SNAP) initiative in New York City’s most devastated areas (please see the below and attached for specific information). The initiative has a limited duration of seven days and New York City Human Resources Administration will begin the application process on December 12, 2012.

We want to ensure D-SNAP is administered efficiently and expeditiously and because of your ties to the communities affected, we are asking for your help.

First, we’d like your organization to inform non-SNAP households that had storm-related expenses and were living in the specific ten zip codes and two partial zip codes about D-SNAP. Second, we need your assistance to ensure that the general public receives the correct information regarding who is eligible to apply. This is extremely important, as it will help us with foot traffic at our D-SNAP locations.

Only households living in the following zip codes on October 27, 2012 may apply:

  • Coney Island, Brooklyn (zip codes 11224 and 11235)
  • Red Hook, Brooklyn (zip code 11231)
  • Gerritsen Beach South of Allen Avenue, Brooklyn (partial area of zip code 11229)
  • Lower East Side, Manhattan (zip code 10002)
  • Staten Island: Southeast shore (zip code 10306), and North Midland Beach South of Seaview Avenue (partial area of zip code 10305)
  • The Rockaways, Queens (zip codes 11691, 11692, 11693, 11694, and 11697)

For those who are currently receiving Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits (SNAP, commonly known as food stamps), they will automatically receive D-SNAP if their benefit amount for November 2012 was less than the maximum amount allowed for their household size. Current SNAP recipients will not receive D-SNAP if they already received the maximum benefit amount.

We ask that you inform current SNAP beneficiaries not to apply in person. The benefits, for those eligible, will automatically appear on recipients’ EBT cards, similar to the automatic replacement benefits they received in early November.

Additionally, only people with storm-related expenses may apply. Food loss does not count as a storm-related expense. It is important for you, as you speak to non-SNAP recipients living in the above zip codes, to let them know that they will be asked to verify expenses due to home and/or car damage, hotel stays, etc.

Finally, it’s important to remind people that identity must be verified and that they must have lived in one of the targeted zip codes on October 27, 2012. These factors must be documented in order to receive DSNAP benefits. Therefore, applicants should be strongly encouraged to bring any relevant documentation to support their application. Other documentation regarding income, resources and family composition will be reviewed and independently verified.  If applicants are not currently residing in their homes because of storm-related damage, they should provide a reliable mailing address to which a benefit card can be mailed.

Households can apply in two locations:


Location:  495 Clermont Avenue

Dates of Operation: Wednesday,December 12 through Tuesday, December 18 from 8:30 AM to 6PM  

For the first two days at the Brooklyn location, we are accepting applicants alphabetically, according to last name: 

  • Wednesday, December 12:
    • Only applicants with a last name beginning with A through M
  • Thursday, December 13:
    • Only applicants with a last name beginning with N through Z
  • All other days are open to all applicants regardless of the beginning of their last names.

Staten Island

Location: New Dorp High School, 465 New Dorp Lane

Dates of Operation:

  • Friday, December 14: 4PM to 8PM
  • Saturday, December 15: 9AM to 5PM
  • Sunday, 12/16: 9AM to 5PM
  • Monday, 12/17: 4PM to 8PM
  • The location is open on the days above to all applicants regardless of last name.

HRA appreciates your help with this effort; we share the common goal of making sure that eligible residents in the above areas receive the assistance they need. It is important for families facing hardship and severe damage since the storm to have as seamless a process as possible to apply for this benefit.

Thank you for your support.

Office of Community Affairs and Immigrant Services at the New York City Human Resources Administration


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