Greg Mustoe – District Director


Date:   February 27th 2013
To:       All Staff
From:  Joe Schiltz
Re:   Greg Mustoe

Please join me in congratulating Greg Mustoe on his promotion to District Director. In his new assignment Greg will be giving direct leadership to Staten Island’s Aquehonga District as well as an increased role in expanding Staten Island’s finance campaign by being the staff advisor to the district campaigns as well as the golf outing. Greg will also be assisting Jason Tewes and myself with the Good Scout Dinner. Lastly, he will manage District Executive Danice Crump.

During Greg’s years as a District Executive he achieved every expectation that was given to him.  From his work directory supporting Staten Island’s Scoutreach programs to running Staten Island Scouting for Food drive in the fall. Since becoming a professional Scouter Greg has worked diligently to build relationships with the districts program committees. The highlight of which has been the two most recent camp-o-rees that had 400 youth sleeping on the Pouch camp-o-ree field. Lastly, Greg’s role on the 2012 Staten Island Golf outing was an amazing success growing the outing by $8,000 in his first year as staff advisor.

Please join me in congratulating Greg Mustoe on his promotion and new assignment!


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