Game Design Merit Badge Released

From Bryan on Scouting

Let me stop you right here. I know what you’re thinking, but, no, this is not a merit badge Scouts earn by playing video games.

Now that I’ve dispelled that common misconception, here’s the real story: Game Design merit badge — released today — teaches Scouts how to create, test, and refine a game from one of four categories.

It’s the BSA’s 131st current merit badge and it’s likely a one-size-fits-all badge—appropriate for super-athletic Scouts as well as those who are less so. And perfect for the right-brainers and the left-brainers.

Today, March 6, is the official release date, but the merit badge pamphlets are still being printed and shipped. So, they won’t arrive in Scout Shops until later this month. The quickest way to get a pamphlet may be online, with an order to This way, you’ll get your pamphlet right from the source. I don’t see the pamphlets on the site just yet, but keep checking back.

As for requirements, I’ve got a full list below. But most of the work revolves around creating an actual game in one of these four categories:

  • Electronic (games for computers, game systems, or mobile devices)
  • Outdoor/Athletic (sports or games like capture the flag)
  • Tabletop (dice-based games, board games, card games)
  • Pen and Paper or Role-Playing Games

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