BSA Values and Membership Standards Review

From the BSA:

Scouting Volunteer,

The Boy Scouts of America is in the process of a careful and deliberate review of our membership policy, as it relates to the national membership restriction regarding sexual orientation.

We are dedicated to the integrity of this process. In an effort to listen to our members’ perspectives and concerns, we ask you to answer some questions about this topic and about your overall Scouting experiences.

Please take 5 minutes to complete our survey by clicking on the link below. Responses are confidential and will be summarized and reported as a group..

To ensure your voice is heard, please respond by April 4, 2013.

– – – – –

All BSA volunteers should have received an email with the above message. Following that message, there is a link that is unique to each volunteer. Please follow that link, and take the survey. We are at an important crossroads in Scouting. Please make your voice heard. For more information on the current BSA policy on membership, go to the National website on this issue.

– – – – –

Here are some links and addresses for you to make your vice heard, in case you have not received the above email from the National Council. Further, a snail mail was sent out by GNYC with a similar message.

Visit this National website to learn about the National policy, and to read some FAQs on the issue.

To send feedback to GNYC via email, use
or, write to:
Membership Standards
Greater New York Councils
Boy Scouts of America
350 Fifth Avenue, Suite 7820
New York, NY 10118

You may also send an email to the National Council at


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