Great Kills memorial Day Parade and Ceremony – 18 May 2013




 Muster Time:           1000 Hours or 10:00 AM          RAIN OR SHINE

Step-Off Time:         Scheduled for 1100 Hours or 11:00 AM

At the assembly / muster area there will be Parade Marshals who you will be able to go up to and ask where your group will be assemblying.    You will be able to tell who the Parade Marshals are as they will have a baseball cap on that says “MARSHAL”.  Tell the Marshal what group you are with and they will tell you what Division Number to report to.   The Parade Marshal will then direct you to a DIVISION, either Division 1, Division 2, Division 3, Division 4 or  Division 5.

The Divisions will be set up along Durant Avenue in front of Myra S. Barnes Intermediate School (I.S. 24).  In the street you will see orange traffic cones, which will have a long piece of wood sticking up with a numbered sign (Div 1; Div 2 etc.) on it.   These traffic cones will indicate where each Divisional starting point is located.

At the traffic cone there will be another Parade Marshal.  Please report in to that Marshal so that he or she knows that your group is there.  If all of you group is not with you at the time, please advise the Marshal that more of your group will be coming.  The Marshal will request that you and your group stand on the sidewalk until such time as he / she calls you to the street to form you for the parade.

All those marching in the parade are requested to STAY ON THE SIDE WALK AT ALL TIMES and behind (not in front of) your assigned Division Cone Number until your Division Marshal tells you to form up in the street.

Restrooms will be available inside Myra S. Barnes Intermediate School (I.S. 24).

We request that you park you vehicles on the side streets, ie. Cleveland Avenue and Hillside Terrace.  DO NOT PARK ON any of the folowing streets:

Monticello Terrace                  Nelson Avenue                       Durant Avenue

Please be respectful of our neighbors in the parade assemble vicinity and DO NOT PARK in front of their driveways or fire hydrants!  Be advised that New York City Police Officers will be present and will issue summons to any and all violators.

If you vehicle will be part of the parade as a SHOW CAR then report in at the corner of Cleveland Avenue and Durant Avenue; however, make sure your approach is on Cleveland Avenue and not Durant Avenue.  STAY OFF Durant Ave. unless otherwise instructed by a Parade Marshal

If going contact Dorothy Poppe   .


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