NER Area 2 Venturing Communication

The NER Area 2 Venturing VOA had a very successful planning weekend on Sep 13-15.  The VOA developed the goals for our Area Venturing, established our calendar, put together our “Save the Date” flyer for our Apex along with our first meeting and did some teambuilding as well.  All four officers and three advisors attended.

I have attached the Schedule, an introduction of our officers and our Goals/Strategies, as well as a few other items.

Near Time Activities:

NER Venturing Conference at Alpine October 18-20: 

Councils VOA’s are invited and encouraged to attend this event.  I had passed on the invite and link to registration.  The deadline listed for registration is September 19th.  I have re-attached the invite in this email

December 7th (10a-2pm) – NER Area 2 Face to Face Meeting  (Date/Place being confirmed with CYC)

Tentatively scheduled for Camp Sequassen in New Hartford CT (details to follow once we get confirmation).  Here we will provide updates to the National, Regional and Area Venturing (many happening over the next ½ year), Start our Apex planning, conduct a relevant training module and talk about how we can help to established or improve our council VOA’s

2014 Activities (being planned):

Looking at January to host a winter outdoor activity, like tubing…  putting final plans together.  We will be able to provide this activity at a reduced cost

March 7-9 – was able to get some extraordinary pricing for a Dude Ranch Trip.  We have the price, just finalizing the details.  We asked Area 5 Venturing to join us

May 2-4 – The Apex at Camp Sequassen (theme ideas have started to be captured with final theme selected at the October 18-20 Regional meeting (with council VOA’s participating)

Council VOA’s

Thanks to those that forwarded on their VOA contact information (status and VOA contacts) – its very much appreciated.  As we can see, the status of VOA’s across our area span the range from not developed at all, partially developed with the need to secure officers (in the works), to councils that have very well developed VOA’s.  One of our goals for 2013-14 is to help to develop the VOA’s by leveraging the Area committee and engaging the help from councils that have active programs.  Again, please send the latest Venturing contact list including VOA, Advisors and professional oversight.  The Area is here to help !!  PLEASE use our experience to help develop venturing within your council.  We have over 3000 Venturers and we’d like to improve our programs, which as you know will increase our membership!!

Area/Council Venturing Activities Calendar:

We’d like to pull together an area venturing calendar that captures all the council venturing events.  This will identify dates that we should stay away from scheduling Area events, provide other councils with the type of events that other council venturers have on their calendar; and allows other councils to share their activities with venturers from other councils.

Regional Venturing Survey:

The region developed a survey (attached link below) and would like to get feedback on Venturing in our councils.  I sent it out lasts month and had mixed results.  I’d like to ask all of your to complete the survey yourself, and pass it on to anyone you can within your councils. Please posti it on your council Website, facebook group and any other medium.  Thanks.

So, how can you help things along?

  • Communicate this information to your council venturing team (if they get it twice its OK
  • Ensure that we get representatives at the Oct 18-20 Regional Venturing Seminar  (thanks to those that already signed up)
  • Distribute and pass on the Regional Venturing Survey (thanks to those that already did – our Area has already done a good job in responding)
  • Provide me with any update on VOA’s and VOA contacts (our area president Melissa and the other officers are looking forward in working with your VOA officers
  • Send us a list of your Council Venturing Activities with dates for each
  • Ensure that the Apex (May 2-4) is on your council well as the other events listed above  (keep in mind that no area event should get in the way of your council venturing events (defeats the purpose of pulling together Venturers 

In advance, thank you very much for your support –

Driving toward Venturing Excellence,
Bob Koch, NER Area 2 Venturing Advisor
Melissa, Angela, Sarah and Courtney (our Area VOA)
And my Associate Advisors Bruce Sullivan and Bob Becker

Note:  Your feedback is always accepted

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