Lowe’s Impact Grant for Eagle Projects – $100

Here are the procedures for applying for the Lowe’s gift cards for Eagle projects for 2013-2014.

The Lowe’s Grant process has changed.  The local Council no longer distributes the Lowe’s grant to a Scout doing an Eagle Project.  The cards are now sent directly to the Scout after he applies through GNYC.  I have been asked to be the volunteer coordinator for this project.

The Scout will email me the form that is attached with the information about his project and his contact information.  Please ask them to type or print neatly.  Once I have received the form I will enter his information into the Lowe’s database.  The Scout should get a packet in about 3 weeks with his card and follow up instructions.  When the project is complete the Scout will have to send me his receipts from using the card, a few pictures of the project (before and after) showing the products purchased with the card.  If there is a balance on the card he must also return the card to me.  These items will all be sent to grant committee.  The Scout will also have to make an electronic report on the completion of his Eagle Project.

My Email Address is tzablocki@verizon.net

My Mailing Address is:
Thomas Zablocki
355 Barlow Ave
Staten Island, NY 10308

Phone Number is: 718-948-8574

Tom Zablocki

Lowes Scout Obligations

Lowes Grant Application 2013

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