Aquehonga District Round Table – 13 January 2014

Location – Moravian Church, New Dorp

Program Feature for the Month – Organics Collection Expansion on SI

  • 7:30PM General Opening
    • Welcome
    • Opening Ceremony
    • Introductions/Information
  • 0735PM           Honor Medal for Life Saving to be presented to Conor Maguire of Troop 5 by Fran Harty
  • 0745PM           First Aid Minute presented by Brenda Gazinski
  • 0750PM           Coffee and Refreshments
  • 0800PM           Breakout Sessions
                                        Cub Scouts – Presented by Paul Caminiti
                                        Webelos- Presented by John Fiore
                                        Boy Scouts – Organics Collection Expansion on SI
    presented by Jackie Junttonen, NYC Compost
    Project, Program Associate
                                    Forum on Best Practices:  Preferred Campgrounds
                                    Venturing – Presented by Rosemary Masullo
  • 0830PM           Announcements
  • 0845PM           Words for District Executive
  • 0850PM           Roundtable Commissioner’s Minute
  • 900PM             Closing Ceremony

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