Aquehonga District Pinewood Derby – February 9 2014

A few changes for the 2014 year:

This year each Scout attendee will receive a commemorative 2014 Pinewood Derby Patch! Oooh, aaah, special!

The Staten Island Mall has moved us to the courtyard outside of the JC Penney store, not in the center court as in years past. Please let  your Scouts know and make announcements during your Den Meetings.

Due to the unbelievable number of aftermarket cars and parts being purchased online, we’ve had to change some of the rules. A reminder that the spirit of the Pinewood Derby is the boys ‘doing their best’ to make a car they can be proud of. In reality, the boys need help shaping their cars so the adults are expected to help with creating the body of the car, but all of the components included with the official BSA Pinewood Derby kit must be used. This specifically means that the wheels and axles which come in the kit MUST be used and MUST remain in factory condition.  No polishing, deburring, milling, removing material, etc…

Each Pack is being asked to contribute $5 per racer beginning this year. This helps to offset our expense for trophies and patches. Please send the names of the winners for each rank and a check made out to GNYC-BSA to Paul Caminiti (194 Barlow Ave Apt. 5 10308). Unfortunately, we cannot accept payment after Feb 2, 2014, and no monies can be accepted at the event.

Official rules for the 2014 Pinewood Derby have significant differences in this year’s rules, please review carefully. This new information must be presented to your Pack!


2 responses to “Aquehonga District Pinewood Derby – February 9 2014

  1. Can graphite be applied to the wheels?

  2. Yes. Graphite is a dry lubricant and is allowed. The use of grease, oils, WD40 is not.

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