2014 Critter Dinner

If you have earned your beads or are working your ticket you are invited to attend wonderful camaraderie and fellowship.  The cost is $30 ($25 for non-WB spouses).  This is a uniformed event and many Scouters receive their beads at they event.

At this years critter dinner (March 23) we will be holding a silent auction to raise some funds to help 4 Scouts for Staten Island to pay for their trip to Normandy, France.  They will be part of a GNYC contingent representing the BSA celebrate the 70th Anniversary of “D Day.

We would appreciate any and all donations of mainly Scouting items to be auctioned off.  You can drop them off on or before the dinner at either the homes of George Callas, Tom Zablocki or Marty Poller.

We want to thank you for your generous donation and hope to see all you Wood Badgers at the  Critter Dinner.

Marty Poller

W B Critters Dining-In 2014


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