Campmaster Training – Alpine – 2014


Registration is open for any Registered Adult Scouter who is interested in Becoming a GNYC Campmaster.

The Campmaster Training session will be held at Camp Alpine Saturday March 15th from 9 AM – 2 PM.

You must be a BSA registered adult with current YPT status to request a Campmaster assignment.

I will need the BSA Membership ID  number that appears on your membership card and on your Unit registration printout to certify you are eligible to Campmaster after your training.

You can bring your BSA Membership ID number with you to the session or email the number to before the session and so I will be able to validate your eligibility. I do not need your YPT date as when I validate your BSA members I also check your YPT expiration date.

You will also need to bring a pen or pencil and a smile to the training.  The session is relaxed as is attire, so coming in uniform isn’t required for this training, unless you want to.

Additional details can be found at the Registration portal at:

Tell your fellow Scouters, please.

Dick Cordes

Alpine Campmaster Coordinator

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