Aquehonga District meeting report 11/04/14

Meeting at Berlin Lodge in Pouch Camp, Seaview, the Aquehonga District Committee of the Boy Scouts of America held its monthly meeting on Tuesday evening, November 4.  It was called to order by Chair AnneMarie Borriello.
Rich Ricco, District Commissioner, reminded the leaders that the Youth Protection course is a vital link to ensuring the safety of Scouts.  Looking ahead to the annual rechartering process next year, all units will be receiving a small printed package to complement the on-line process.  Commissioners are working to extend the “Key 3” concept to create “Key 3” relationships at the unit level.  Ricco noted that his group welcomed three new unit commissioners recently to the team.  He also said that the is now up and running and encouraged its use.  Finally, he reminded all that all members of unit leadership were welcome at the monthly Roundtables – attendance is not limited.
The Camping committee noted that the new Totem Poles at Camp Pouch’s entrance have been installed.  There is some final work to be done.  The new Totem Poles replaced the original camp Totem Poles that had been part of the Canadian Pavilion at the 1939 World’s Fair.  They are hoping to refurbish Beech cabin with a pending grant from the Richmond County Bank Foundation.  TMR experiences are expected to be discussed at the next Roundtable.
The new Staten Island (Aquehonga) website is up and running.  It is at  Margaret Collord was again thanked for her efforts to bring it on-line and update the site.
October saw many successful activities on the Island.  The annual Webelos-a-ree was held October 17-19 and drew many Scouts despite a number of school-oriented activities that prevented some Scouts from attending.  The Order of the Arrow Ordeal inducted 42 new members (38 from Staten Island.)  Twelve members reached Brotherhood as well during the event.  Over 300 Scouts & siblings enjoyed the annual Ghost-a-ree.  This past weekend the Training Committee had 30 leaders attend the Cub Specific class.
November & December look equally busy.  Scouts will be requesting food donations for local food pantries on November 8 during the annual Scouting for Food drive on November 8.  There will be a Pinewood Derby demonstration in Times Square on Saturday.  The two Jimmy Max locations will be donating 50% of the bill from Scouting families and friends who come to the restaurants on Thursday, November 13.  The flyer is at  BALOO and OWL training will take place on November 15.  The Order of the Arrow will have an event at Alpine on November 22, and the Chapter holiday meeting with be December 7.  The annual Bowl-a-thon will take place December 6 & 7 at Showplace.  Leaders were urged to plan to attend the citywide Training Extravaganza in January.  One of the offerings will be an explanation of the upcoming changes to the Cub Scout program.
Eagle Board of Reviews continue to be held at the Richmond County Courthouse the first Monday of the month.  Last night four Eagle candidates were examined, bringing the calendar year to date total to 44.
For information about joining Scouting or about any Scouting event or program, contact District Director Greg Mustoe at (212) 651-2863.  Information is also available at
The next District meeting will be December 2 at Berlin Lodge, Pouch Camp.  The next District Roundtable will be this coming Monday – November 10 — at New Dorp Moravian Church.
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