Media and Marketing

Are you maximizing your efforts in sharing your activities with the community? Are your recruiting efforts as effective as you would like? If no one knows you are there, how will they get to you?

Marketing is not a dirty word. It is an integral communications tool. Without effective communications no one will know what you are doing. No one will attend your events. Communications is not only about getting the word out to the broader community, it is also key to keeping your members informed and up to date.

The following content is intended to provide a foundation and guidance in your marketing efforts.  Included will be formal BSA policies, guidelines, and best practices. Further, we will also include examples of usage of the local media, including social media, in keeping membership and the community aware of your activities.

If you build it, they will come..only if they know when and where, and why it is important to them.

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    This would be a great Eagle Scout project, to repair and maintain this memorial. Aquehonga?

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