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In the effort to increase Scouting awareness on Staten Island, each Scouting Unit can play a huge role by submitting a “Civic Group Report” to the Staten Island Advance for anything your Unit does ~ from Pack meetings and Awards Nights to Firehouse Visits, Service Projects or even a Cross Country trip!


Simply create the report (see samples below) and email it to or call it in to (718) 981-1234. E-mails must include the Subject line along the lines of the event, such as ‘Cub Scouts Pack 999 – Registration Open House‘. You must also include the name, address and phone number of your primary contact at the end of your submission.

Required Content:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: These words should appear at the top left of your email in upper case. If you don’t want the story to be made public yet, write “HOLD FOR RELEASE UNTIL …. ” instead.

Your first line should be along the lines of a headline in a newspaper. Make sure this describes the overall content of the story. If you don’t have an interesting first line, the reader will not keep reading!

Include your City and State, Month, Day and Year. These details will insure that the information is current and local.

The main part of your submission should not be more than one paragraph, and kept to no more than a few sentences. Avoid using Scout-speak: ‘OA Tap Out‘ means nothing to someone outside Scouting.

Contact Information should include the contact person, Unit name, phone/fax, email, physical or postal address, or-other means of contacting you.

Sample Press Release (.doc format)

Sample Civic Group Submissions:

Cub Scouts Pack 6 of Eltingville Lutheran Church held its first den meeting for the 2010-2011 year. Many new children joined the Pack looking forward to a fun and constructive year ahead. Pack 6 will be holding its Annual Welcome Back Picnic at Camp Pouch at the Camporee field across the JCC on Sunday, October 3, 2010 from llam-3pm. Registration is still open, so feel free to join us and see what Cub Scouts are all about. The next meeting will be held Friday, October 8,2010 at 7:30pm in the parlor of ELS. Refer to for more Cub Scouts Pack 6 info.

# # #

Cub Scouts Pack 6 of Eltingville Lutheran Church held its annual Blue & Gold dinner at the Staaten on Sunday with ~180 people in attendance. Pack 6 and Boy Scout Troop 6 leaders held a Native Indian tribal themed ceremony for 10 Sr. Webelos as they crossed over the bridge to become Boy Scouts .. Each Den performed a skit in honor of the Scout tradition and values or the monthly scout theme. All scouts were awarded various patches, trophies and/or certificates recognizing their merits and achievements. A carved walking stick was awarded to outgoing Cubmaster, Joe Delissio, as recognition for his service, after humorously handing over leadership to incoming Cubmaster Matt Gaor. Numerous gift baskets and prizes were raffled off to eager families in a joyous affair. The next den meeting will be held at 7:30pm on 3/26/2010 at ELC’s school parlor. Refer to for more Cub Scouts Pack 6 info.

# # #

Cub Scouts Pack 6 of Eltingville Lutheran Church held its Annual Welcome Back Family Picnic at Camp Pouch today. Pack 6 will hold their first Den Meeting on October 2, 2009 at 7:30pm at Eltingville Lutheran School. Registration for Scout year 2009-2010 will continue at the Den Meeting for all who could not attend the picnic. Refer to for more Cub Scouts Pack 6 info.

# # #

Cub Scouts Pack 6 and Boy Scouts Troop 6 of Eltingville Lutheran Church held its Spring Camping Trip this Friday through Sunday at Maple Cabin in Pouch Camp. The cubs participated in sporting events, small hikes and archery, while the Troop worked on Merit Badges and assisted in preparing camp cook-outs for the cubs. Bears learned whittle and chip. All cheered on the High Rock Triathlon athletes as they canoed through the lake. After dinner activities included toasting Smores over the campfire, performing skits and playing campfire music/songs. Pack 6 will be participating at the Wolf Pond Park Canoe lessons on Sunday May 2. Refer to for more Cub Scouts Pack 6 info.

# # #

Cub Scouts Pack 6 of Eltingville Lutheran Church visited FDNY Fire Station L87/E167 in Annadale today. The Scouts were instructed on fire safety and the life of a firefighter and their equipment. The kids were amazed as a firefighters demonstrated coming down the pole and putting on their gear. Then the children and parents boarded the L87 fire truck for photos and demonstrations. Pack 6 would like to thank the firefighters for their braveness and hospitality. The next Pack 6 meeting is Friday, 1/25/08, in preparation for the Pine Derby, which is on Saturday, 1/26/08. Refer to for more Cub Scouts Pack 6 info.

# # #

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