Staten Island Pinewood Derby Finals


That Annual Winter Classic, The Aquehonga District Pinewood Derby Final is almost upon us, 

WHEN?          SUNDAY FEBRUARY 06th 2011
TIME?            RACE CAR CHECK IN 11:00AM
                        RACE STARTS 12:00 NOON

Attention all Pack Leaders, We are sending this out early to familiarize you with some changes for this year.  Please help us to continue to improve this event.

In order to cut down confusion on race day please follow the following steps.

IMMEDIATELY upon learning the winners of your pack race please contact the race chairman so a record of the Tiger and cub can be made.  No car will be allowed to race with out pre-registering your overall winners with the District Race Committee.  We will employ two methods of contact as outlined at the end of this flyer.

Only the OVERALL PACK Tiger and Cub scout Winners will race in the District Finals.  This means you should only register the overall first place winner of the Tigers and overall first place winner of the Cubs, a total of 2 participants from each PackWe consider a cub scout to be from Bobcat to 5th grade Webelos.

The Pine Wood Derby car MUST have its original driver, i.e. the builder, to be qualified to race.  NO last minute Driver substutions allowed!  If one or both of your overall pack winners is/are unavailable you can supply the runner up instead.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, Pay Strict Attention To The Rules.  Hand Out Copies Of the PWD rules To All Parents When the Cars Are Distributed, and Have an Inspector Who is Familiar With The Rules Check The Cars Before The Race.  As always, ALL Pinewood Derby Rules as Outlined in the enclosed Staten Island Council BSA racing specifications document are in Effect at the Pack Level AND Finals, and ANY Illegal Race Car WILL be Disqualified.

Remember no un-registered car will be allowed to race.  So please Pre-register your overall pack winners by either calling the race chairman Rich Hahl at 948-6382 OR mail the following information:

R. Hahl
Pinewood Derby race Winners
291 Miles Ave.
Staten Island, NY 10308


TIGER WINNERS NAME __________________________

CUB WINNERS NAME ____________________________

PACK CONTACT NAME ____________________________

TELEPHONE NUMBER _____________________________

Official Staten Island Pinewood Derby Rules

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